AKSARA Testimonials

Concert Testimonials

"Thank you so much for providing the music for our Amedisys Hospice Memorial Service. Your lovely voices blended and lifted in song, added such depth and beauty to the evening. You are each very special people for sharing your gifts with others in this way; celebrating what was, and helping us to move through our grief in very meaningful ways. I feel personally blessed by the experience of listening to you. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you."

– from Renee Lafountain, Volunteer Coordinator, Amedisys Hospice

"On behalf of all of us at Animal Allies, we extend a sincere THANK YOU for choosing us to support at your recent wonderful concert. Please know your support oand generosity assists us in advocating for animals daily. Again, THANK YOU for your support and absolutely wonderful voices. Your time and generosity are greatly appreciated."

– from Animal Allies

"I have attended the last four AKSARA annual concerts. There ten singers the first two years, seven the next and six this time. I also own all of their four CDs produced over the last ten years. The numbers and personnel have changed, but the sound always remains the same. AKSARA produces a sound and sensation unlike any other I have ever experienced in choral music. There is a spiritual quality that is greater than the sum of its parts. The repertoire is so varied and unique that I sit spellbound and emotionally moved from beginning to end. At some point in each concert, it has occurred to me that it is a privilege to be in the presence of such beauty."

– With respect and gratitude, Susan Winters, AKSARA fan from MA

"The best concert here in a long time."

– from Owls Head, Maine

"They made me weak in the knees."

– from Owls Head, Maine

"I'd say you were a hit. Thank you."

– from Barb in Owls Head, Maine

CD Testimonials

"I was having such an irritating morning and not feeling grounded so I took the CD with me and it really made a difference. I can't get over the sound. I'm actually going to buy a couple for gifts."

– from a Massachussetts fan with praise for "Comfort and Grace"

"What a gift! It's the best, and the energy just flows."

– from a New Hampshire fan with praise for "Comfort and Grace"

" I just received a copy of your beautiful new CD "Comfort and Grace". Thanks to AKSARA for the gorgeous singing on my compositions and on the rest of the CD. Deep Peace to you!"

– from Bill Douglas, composer of Deep Peace and I Shall Not Live in Vain, Oakland, CA; with praise for "Comfort and Grace"

"You wonderful songbirds have created a CD of real beauty. Thank you so much. I am truly honored to be a part of it. It's really angelic and I cried when I heard it."

– from Zola, composer of the music for Night Goes Back, Oakland, CA; with praise for "Comfort and Grace"

"...the music truly helped me cope with the pain! It allowed me to enter into a meditative state for about an hour...It is so important that you continue your good work."

– from a New Hampshire fan with praise for "Comfort and Grace"

"Oh my God! Comfort and Grace is so beautiful. I listened to it while saying morning prayers and it just makes everything so peaceful and serene."

– from a New Hampshire fan with praise for "Comfort and Grace"

"As soon as I heard the first song of my first CD, I have been a 'fan'. I am so impressed with the quality of performance, the choice of material and your personal gifts of musicality. Music is the universal language and can heal on many levels by listening or singing. I love that AKSARA lives that out."

– from a Massachussetts fan with praise for "Comfort and Grace"

"Their greatest asset is their keen awareness of balance, in harmony... and their ineffable ability to connect with the audience to convey humor, warmth, compassion and uncomplicated joy that is at the root of their art form."

– from Todd MacFadden, Bose Corporation; with praise for "Melange"

"Melange is your 'chef d'oeuvre'. Truly, your masterpiece! I don't know what you can do to top this one!"

– from Lorraine Ducas, lyric soprano and member of Women Spirit Song; with praise for "Melange"

"We LOVE to play your CD in the store."

– from Hannah Grimes Store, Keene, NH; with praise for "Gently Enter"

"Their lyrics speak beautifully of the strength of spirit in all of us... serene, very harmonic... each piece has a profound message of its own."

– from Mainely A Cappella Catalog with praise for "You Are With Me"

"The way in which man can find his own place is to tune his instrument (his own being) to the keynote of the chord to which he belongs. Sound is the force which groups all things from atoms to worlds. When we go into the inner chamber and shut the door to every sound that comes from the life without, then will the voice of God speak to our soul and we will know the keynote of our life."
– Hazrat Inayat Kahn; 1882-1927; Sufi Mystic