Evolutionary Astrology: Practical Answers for Deep Soul Growth

I have conscientiously practiced astrology since 1980 in order to understand who, how and why I AM!  The particular branch of astrology that I choose to practice is Evolutionary Astrology, fathered by Jeffrey Wolf Green. I continue to be a student of this school for EA has been the one branch of astrology that has spoken volumes to me about the path of the Soul.

If having your astrological chart interpreted is something that you are called to do, I will compassionately and empathically facilitate that process and applaud your desires and efforts to learn more about your Self by honoring your chart, your time in session with me and the information that we share with together.

The following information is necessary in order to cast and interpret a chart. Please provide this information when you contact me for a reading.

  • Your Name
  • Exact DATE of your birth
  • Exact TIME of your birth
  • Exact PLACE of your birth
  • Briefly state what you are looking for from this reading.

Reading Options

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    Explains what you came into this lifetime to accomplish on a Soul level. This reading shows how each of your planets facilitates that Soul desire. It also informs you about the emotional wounding that you brought with you from other lifetimes or simply from the past in this lifetime, that prevents you from moving forward in any of the 12 areas of life indicated in your chart. This reading lasts for 60-75 minutes by phone (client calls me). A full reading revolves around why the Soul incarnates into the conditions it does and how the planets support that theme.

  • COMPLETE NATAL CHART READING during the month of your birth, with coupon – $90.00
    Only for "FIRST-TIME" Natal Chart Clients. If you've never had your astrology chart done by me, and would like a reading, call during the month of your Birthday and mention the coupon at the end of the newsletter to receive $10.00 off your natal chart reading. The reading can be scheduled for the next month.

    This reading gives us information on a more internal and subjective level, which involves our attitudes and approaches to the energies influencing us regarding the outer circumstances that may be happening presently or circumstances 1-2 years out.

  • SOLAR RETURN READING – 50-60 minute reading; $75.00
    Another layer of information juxtaposed upon your Natal Chart explaining what the energies will be for you for the next year. This reading is done close to your next birthday or one month before or after your next birthday.

  • POST-NATAL CHART READING – 20-minute reading; $25.00
    This is a "follow up" reading should you have questions after listening to your Natal Chart recording. This reading may clarify a point in question once you've had the opportunity to listen fully to the Natal chart reading.

  • NEW BABIES & CHLDREN'S CHART READING – 40-minute reading; $50.00
    Children set my soul ablaze and reading a child's chart feels as if a treasure trove of information is being given to the new or seasoned parents. Our children are not "tabula rasa". They carry with them on a cellular level within their DNA information from generations of familial lines and experiences along with their own Life Purpose and Evolutionary challenges for this lifetime. A reading will cover information about their vitality, their personality, their emotional make-up; We'll talk about their "Tumultuous Twos", how they'll learn and communicate; how they'll assert themselves, how they change at about 7, and 12 years of age; What attributes will they need to shore up and what tendencies will they need to leave behind.

    Your knowledge of this information will facilitate a positive growing experience for them and give you a wee bit of a heads-up about the little people in your life who you love more than breath itself.

    We are living in UNPRECEDENTED times and yet, the Cosmos is swirling with energy and changes. Planetary transits (planets traveling through the heavens) are changing signs and having relationships with other planets all the time and affecting the frequency of our personal charts. How do we make our way with and through these changes?

    If you would like a very quick reading on how those transits are affecting YOU, think about having the above reading. SATURN went into Aquarius on March 24th 2020, for the next three years… with the exception of a couple of Rx – (Retrograde) periods which will affect us all... and this is huge. What about the New and Full Moons when they "hit" your particular chart? What information is specific unto YOU and will help you maneuver Self during these times?

    If you're not a present client of mine, go to my CONTACT PAGE and along with your name and e-mail address, Send me your EXACT DATE, TIME & PLACE of birth, and I'll E-MAIL you a short report just on that transit and the energy that you'll be dealing with.

    If you are a present client of mine and would like this short transit reading, simply E-mail me directly at vaschneider@comcast.net and I'll send you a reading as well.

    Payments can be made through PAYPAL on my SHOP PAGE. Self-knowledge is Self-empowerment! STAY CENTERED and GROUNDED!

I do all readings by phone or e-mail.

I have conducted introductory workshops and classes on Astrology, taught classes about the basics of oracle card and Tarot interpretation and have held classes on dream interpretation. 

People request Astrology readings as well as Oracle and Tarot card readings when they need a clear answers and insights into their personal dilemmas or queries and many times, I combine astrology readings and a card reading for deeper and clearer answers.
Evolution takes place second by second.  It's never too late to desire to know your Self more and more. EA and Oracle Insights will bring you home to your Self, but first, you must open the door to your mind and heart in order to make space and welcome in this wonderful and life-changing information.

"All paths are paths to God, because, ultimately, there is no other place for the soul to go. Everything has come out of God and must go back to him."

— Paramahansa Yogananda