Blue Indigo: Piano Instrumental

Blue Indigo

"BLUE INDIGO" is named after a special and beautiful flower that grows in my garden each year.  This blue indigo flower (Baptisia australis), grew in my backyard when I was a child and each June I would wait patiently for what seemed forever, for the deep, mystical blue petals to appear.  When they finally bloomed, the flowering lasted for only eleven to fourteen days – and then they were GONE!  But, the next year, there they would be.  Thus, the inspiration for my CD was from a flower that I loved as a child, complete with its depth and mystical blue beauty.

Please take a few moments to listen to the clips from "Blue Indigo".  The following  excerpt from the CD jacket sums up what I've written about the CD.

"Blue Indigo was nineteen years in the making in one form or another.  It was created in Love and for Love.  Each piece came through me from some 'ancient whisper' for some 'future day'.  Like the flower that mysteriously made its gentle way into my heart as a child, may 'Blue Indigo' make its gentle presence known to you – song by song."

Music Samples: Selections from Blue Indigo

Track 1: Ancient Whispers of Future Days
The title of this piece whispered its way into my consciousness in 1994. It speaks to me of the origin of the soul....which is so ancient, so wise, that it is only to the soul we go to make sense of our future.

Track 2: And the Angels Danced
Beings so etheric that their gliding through our very essence goes unnoticed; like the figure eight on its side, symbol of eternity, in 3/4 rhythm they ebb and flow, gifting us as symbols of giving and receiving.

Track 3: Divinum Mysterium
It is the Divine Mystery that is at the heart of life; at the heart of life's questions; at the heart of life's answers!

Track 4: Circle of Angels
Archangel Michael, Divine Will; Archangel Jophiel, Divine Wisdom; Archangel Chamuel, Divine Love; Archangel Gabriel, Divine Purity; Archangel Raphael, Divine Healing; Archangel Uriel, Divine Peace & Service; Archangel Zadkiel, Divine Tranmutation/Transformation. The Earth is held in Light!

Track 5: Shades of Autumn
Autumn is too rich, too deep, too full to describe. It has a knowing all its own. Light on color...flickering, shading, revealing; Each mystic moment revealed and suspended in the eye of the beholder.

Track 6: Deep Peace
Deep Peace of the running wave to you; Deep Peace of the flowing air to you; Deep Peace of the shining stars to you; Deep Peace of the quiet earth to you.

Track 7: Lullaby
In 1998, a dear friend of mine wrote lyrics to a poem she entitled "lullaby". During that same week, I wrote the notes to a song that sounded like a "lullaby" to me. Neither of us knew the other was writing. The Divine was speaking to each of us separately at the same time.

Track 8: Spirit of the Feminine
Awaken in my soul Divine receptive energy! Strong and gentle. Voice of Creation, chanting the Light; Sacred Holy font of Love. Awaken in my soul.

Track 9: You Are with Me
Like a treasured memory beyond a thousand dreams carried deep within are with me...(the lyrics, inspired by a German poem, inturn inspired the melody)

Track 10: Cascading Time
Like a refreshing waterfall, "cascading time" flows, and tumbles and falls all around us...ever and always offering a "new moment" to begin again.

Track 11: Blue Indigo
Sweet petals of deep blue, you grace me with your presence for such a short time - but what is time? And when you leave, I remember your profound essence, and wait another while for my blue indigo.

"The way in which man can find his own place is to tune his instrument (his own being) to the keynote of the chord to which he belongs. Sound is the force which groups all things from atoms to worlds. When we go into the inner chamber and shut the door to every sound that comes from the life without, then will the voice of God speak to our soul and we will know the keynote of our life."

— Hazrat Inayat Kahn; 1882-1927; Sufi Mystic