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Performed by AKSARA, Composed by Elizabeth Alexander
Poet Kabir (1440 - 1518) sought and experienced Divine Source in the animate and inanimate with which he shared life. God in all things. May we all strive to do the same. AKSARA has recorded this lovely composition written by Elizabeth Alexander for the sole purpose of sharing with the world our love for making music that touches the deep heart, the imaginative mind, the depth of feeling and the infinite Soul in all things. May your hearts be filled.

Now Is The Time (CD, 2011)

AKSARA - Now is the Time

AKSARA is once again bringing her beautifully soothing harmonies to the world through the 15 wonderful songs on their CD, NOW IS THE TIME. AKSARA's music is designed to uplift and delight the soul and this new recording does just that. There are 15 "varied in style and message" pieces of music; songs that praise the sisterhood of women, songs that honor the gift of nature, songs that portray the longings of our hearts when someone we know has passed on, joy-filled songs, lullabys, a blessing, and a beautiful social justice piece.  NOW IS THE TIME has a message that never fades or grows old.

Comfort and Grace (CD, 2007)

AKSARA - Comfort and Grace

Everyone knows someone who could benefit from the peaceful, gentle healing sounds of Comfort and Grace. This CD has made it's way to Scotland and Wales. It is on the east coast and the west coast of the United States. It is serving those in the transition form this life to the next. It is soothing the stresses of folks who simply use it as a meditative tool. Here are what a few of the AKSARA fans have said.

Melange (CD, 2005)

AKSARA - Melange

The sounds, songs and musical styles blend together to create a benevolently musical journey for all who desire to listen.

Melange is a wonderful combination of styles and composers. There's variation in style, however the message remains constant throughout; The CD opens with Dedication; a "go within" piece sung to the soul from the soul... immediately followed by the many-layered, vocally percussive, WITNESS, urging the listener to "let the music be your witness and dare!" SET HER FREE, a song of courage, hope, and personal freedom, beckons women to truly believe in themselves... move to the rhythms of BY THE RIVERS OF BABYLON... be hypnotized by the trance-like chant of AVE MARIA... and be calmed by the comforting message in BREATHS... that the spirit of those gone before us are always with us... in everything around us and... be blessed by THE LONG TIME SUN! "...reach for peace deep within your heart; reach for truth profound..." "Melange"... a 55 minute journey that you'll want to take over and over and over again.

Gently Enter (CD, 2002)

AKSARA - Gently Enter

Gently Enter... where you hear the whisper soft as snow... calling you to follow what you know...

AKSARA's second CD, released in fall of 2002, celebrates winter and the spirit of holiday gladness and solemnity with 15 unique and inspiring selections. You are invited to "go within" from the very first gentle piano renderings. The haunting tones of "Winter Solstice" and "Christmas Eve is Here" to the festive sounds of "Alle Psallite," "We Wish You" and "Glouscestershire Wassail," the listener is lifted from the ordinary and placed within the season of joy. Once there, the door of the heart opens wider and the sounds of "Carol of the Bells," "Lo! How a Rose" and "Still, Still, Still" find their way to the heart. The carols continue and ever so lightly, two piano instrumentals accent the mood of the season.

Gently Enter... a Winter/Holiday CD that brings peace to all who open the door to its sounds.

You Are With Me (CD, 2000)

AKSARA - You Are With Me

You Are with Me... like a treasured memory beyond a thousand dreams... carried deep within me day and night.

AKSARA's first CD was released in September of 2000. Among the fifteen pieces, of which nine are original compositions by one of the members, Vic Schneider, is the title song, "You Are with Me." Inspired by a German poem, the lyrics have special meaning to the member of AKSARA.

The hauntingly beautiful "Unfinished Tapestry," is a song based on the extraordinary story behind the tapestry weaving of Patryc Wiggins from Guild, NH, and "Circle of Angels," another original composition, is truly an angelic invocation.

You Are with Me... let it take you on a journey to your heart.

Women's Choral Music

Circle of Angels
SAA Baritone, a capella

A gentle piece describing angelic virtues that protect the earth, followed by an invocation of sevel archangels.

"The way in which man can find his own place is to tune his instrument (his own being) to the keynote of the chord to which he belongs. Sound is the force which groups all things from atoms to worlds. When we go into the inner chamber and shut the door to every sound that comes from the life without, then will the voice of God speak to our soul and we will know the keynote of our life."

— Hazrat Inayat Kahn; 1882-1927; Sufi Mystic