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Blue Indigo CD, Composed and Performed by Victoria Schneider
Eleven meditative, centering and peace-filled piano compositions that invite you within, bring you home to yourself and gently lead you to the Divine Source within you.

• $16.00

AKSARA CD - Now Is the Time
The women of AKSARA joyously add a fifth CD to their collection. Enjoy the variety of music. Enjoy the messages in the songs. Enjoy the melodies and harmonies. ENJOY "Now Is the Time!"

• $16.00

AKSARA CD - Comfort and Grace
The seven women of AKSARA have once again raised their voices in beautiful song and prayer. Prayer for healing, prayer for blessed assurance, prayer for a gentler existence for all, prayer for gentle passings and peace-filled lives. Truly you won't want to miss this CD! It is a compilation of songs that gives assurance and peace, transcendent thoughts, and a subtle calm in touch with the Divine.

• $16.00

AKSARA CD - Melange
Melange, AKSARA's third CD, was released in the fall of 2005. Melange brings a new level of variety into Aksara's recorded repertoire, with 15 songs by AKSARA's favorite artists.

• $16.00

AKSARA CD - Gently Enter
AKSARA's second CD, released in fall of 2002, celebrates winter and the spirit of holiday gladness and solemnity with 15 unique and inspiriting selections.

• $16.00

AKSARA CD - You Are With Me
AKSARA's first CD was released in September of 2000. Among the fifteen pieces, of which nine are original compositions by one of the members, Vic Schneider, is the title song, "You Are with Me."

AKSARA's "You Are with Me" is SOLD OUT, HOWEVER, 9 of the pieces are STILL AVAILABLE through DIGITAL DOWNLOADS. Do add them to your music library!

Purchase Digital Downloads

A gift set of AKSARA's first three CD's: "You are With Me", "Gently Enter" and "Melange".

• $40.00


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Astrological Chart Reading descriptions can be found on the Evolutionary Astrology page. Once you add an item to your cart, you can specify the quantity you want to order.


• $100.00

NATAL CHART (Birth Chart) READING during the month of your birth, with coupon
(Only for "FIRST-TIME" Natal Chart Clients)

• $90.00


• $75.00

SOLAR RETURN CHART READING – 50-60 minute reading

• $75.00

POST-NATAL CHART READING – 20-minute reading

• $25.00


• $50.00

Tarot/Oracle Card Readings

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Tarot/Oracle Card Reading descriptions can be found on the Oracle Insights page. Once you add an item to your cart, you can specify the quantity you want to order.

CROSS of TRUTH – 20-minute reading

• $35.00

ROOT of the PROBLEM – 20-minute reading

• $35.00

ALL PURPOSE – 20-minute reading

• $35.00

"Spend all you have for loveliness."

— Sara Teasdale; 1884-1933; American lyrical poet