After twenty years of singing amazing harmonies together, (1998-2018) AKSARA - "Syllable of Sound" has decided to conclude her twenty year journey of singing. And a journey it was!

We believe in the power of sound and song. May the "AKSARA sound" remain in your minds and hearts and may the ripples of AKSARA's music continue on long into the infinite night.

Thank you to all who supported us along the way, attended our concerts, invited us to sing at special venues and minister in song to bereaved families at Services of Remembrance. We felt the sacredness of the music we made together.

Our CDs are still available for purchase through the SHOP page if you so choose to gift someone or your Self with our music.

May your hearts always be filled with wonder and joy and carry within them a special song.

With Love…

ASKARA's Music

AKSARA's music is designed to uplift and delight the soul; Music to relax by, dream by and be at peace by.

Currently, for sale we have four CDs: "Now Is the Time" (2011), "Comfort and Grace" (2007), "Melange" (2005), and "Gently Enter" (2002). Our very first CD "You Are with Me" (2000) is completely sold out! However, 9 of the pieces are still available through digital downloads in our Shop. Do add them to your music library!

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"Their greatest asset is their keen awareness of balance, in harmony... and their ineffable ability to connect with the audience to convey humor, warmth, compassion and uncomplicated joy that is at the root of their art form."

– from Todd MacFadden, Bose Corporation; with praise for "Melange"

"I just received a copy of your beautiful new CD "Comfort and Grace". Thanks to AKSARA for the gorgeous singing on my compositions and on the rest of the CD. Deep Peace to you!"

– from Bill Douglas, composer of Deep Peace and I Shall Not Live in Vain, Oakland, CA; with praise for "Comfort and Grace"

"The way in which man can find his own place is to tune his instrument (his own being) to the keynote of the chord to which he belongs. Sound is the force which groups all things from atoms to worlds. When we go into the inner chamber and shut the door to every sound that comes from the life without, then will the voice of God speak to our soul and we will know the keynote of our life."

— Hazrat Inayat Kahn; 1882-1927; Sufi Mystic