Astrology Client Testimonials

"I highly recommend Victoria if you are serious about finding out what your soul came into this lifetime to work on. Her readings give you such amazing insight into who you are! She treats her clients with respect and shares the information of your chart with you in such a way that you can understand all of the astrological terminology."

– from JS in NH

"For many years now, Victoria Schneider is my "go to" Gal for astrology, Oracle readings and even assorted classes.  Her monthly newsletter and Facebook posts are always timely, interesting and full of great information.  I find Vic's perspective in Evolutionary Astrology full of steps for individual growth.  Evolutionary Astrology makes sense instead of random star reasons and results.    I met Vic through a mutual friend and was instantly impressed with her background, thorough knowledge of astrology, her innate serenity, kindness and talent.  Vic also has a gift of language, being able to "tell the truth" with a wise word or analogy.  Even our "shadow side" has gifts and Vic shows and explains all through the philosophy of individual responsibility and growth.  Vic has done my Natal chart, at least four Solar Return charts and I have attended an Oracle Card reading class given by her.  I was also privileged to attend many informal astrology classes with her a few years back as well. If you are looking for some insight, I highly recommend Vic in every way.  Victoria is as well rounded a Guide as there is.  To know Vic is to love her." 

– from DN in ME

"Vic is a highly qualified, intuitive, compassionate astrologer who "reads" one's Soul and offers valuable, insightful and clear guidance.  A very spiritual being who walks her talk and is passionate about her work in service to humanity." 

– from CB in NH

"Working as an astrologer, Victoria is fluent in the language of day to day life as well as the language of soul...and everything in between, helping me navigate the twists and turns of my chart. I'd recommend her work with 10 stars if you had them!"

– from PA in Canada

"I have known Vic a long time.  Whatever she does, she puts her whole heart and Soul into it and she does it well.  The care and concern she demonstrates, the work that goes into each reading (astrology or oracle/Tarot cards) is amazing.  I recommend her highly!"

– from EW in NH

"I was amazed at how much Victoria knew about astrology and about ME! She gave me everything I needed to move forward fearlessly in the new year. I recommend everyone see her...she definitely has a return client in me." 

– from TP in NH

"Astrologist Extraordinaire .... You've changed my LIFE! Thanks so much for an AMAZING reading!! I feel EMPOWERED to move forward and LET GO of what no longer serves me! So GRATEFUL to be on this journey together! Who knew ALL THAT was in the STARS!!!"  

– from LY in Massachusetts

"It was fun listening to it over again,.... gaining greater insight,..... finding more that truly resonates with "me". I also just loved having the conversation with you while we looked at my chart and talked about our shared outlook on worldly and spiritual things." 

– from KN in North Hampton, NH

"THANK YOU SO very much for the care, depth and effort you put into the reading and for all the new insights you shared with me on Thursday. It was a confirming reading as well as a re-issuing of a challenge I have been feeling for some time,but at the conclusion of our time I felt good. I love your Spirit and I feel Gifted by sharing time and your space with you. Thank you so very much."

– from DN in York, ME

"Thanks for the expansive information. You really know your stuff."

– from B. in Tulsa, OK

"I, too, just had a wonderful astrology reading with Victoria Schneider. I highly recommend getting a reading for you or your loved one."

– from AK in California

"Had a wonderfully, insightful astrology reading with Victoria today; main issues uncovered, crystal-clearly. Thank you, Vic, you really know your stars!"

– from AR in Istanbul, Turkey

"All paths are paths to God, because, ultimately, there is no other place for the soul to go. Everything has come out of God and must go back to him."

— Paramahansa Yogananda